UAE Celebrates Arab Deaf Week on 20th April

April 15, 2019  

In celebration of the 44th Arab Deaf Week which will be between 20-27 April under the title “Recruiting the Deaf is a Community Responsibility”, the Ministry of Community Development will organize several events and initiatives in cooperation with deaf service providers in the UAE in response to the call of the Arab Federation of the Deaf and in support of recruiting the deaf in different sectors.

On this occasion, Nasser Ismail, Assistant Undersecretary for Community Care at the Ministry stated that the Arab Deaf Week coincides with the title “Recruiting the Deaf is a Community Responsibility” to ensure the rights of the deaf in government and private sectors.

He said: “The week’s theme coincides with the policies and laws that would enhance the rights of the people of determination generally and the deaf specifically such as the Cabinet’s Decision No. (43) of 2018 in support of recruitment of the people of determination and provide them with available opportunities in the labor market in such a way to ensure the exercise of their equal rights with other people. All competent authorities are encouraged to provide the people of determination with equal employment opportunities in different sectors and assist those who wish to establish their private business. 

“The Decision reinforces the rights of the people of determination as approved in Article (16) of the amended federal law No. (29) for the year 2009 and Article (27) of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and give them the access to work freely in an opened working environment”, he added.

He also elaborated that the Ministry of Community Development strives to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the deaf people, ensure their protection from various forms of harassment, non-discrimination at any stage and enable them to continue their job duties as long as they are able to work properly. The Ministry adopts the concept of inclusive employment for the deaf people beginning from the announcement of vacancy positions, job description, training, promotions, retirement and giving them a real value of work.

The online recruitment platform for the people of determination opens new horizons for the deaf people to register their c.v’s, experiences and skills to be displayed for the employers to employ the suitable persons in all federal, government and private sectors. The Ministry is also very keen to participate in all the recruitment exhibitions to include the people of determination job seekers in the community and enable them achieve equal opportunities with everyone in the community.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Community Care indicated that the celebration of the Arab Deaf Week highlights the most important issues for the deaf and hearing impaired categories noting that the Ministry will organize a number of activities and events to introduce with the community members with the capabilities and skills of the deaf people and their rights in the community through a number of TV and radio programs, lectures and seminars targeting parents and staff who are working with the deaf people.

Furthermore, Musabah Saeed Al Nyadi, Chairman of Emirates Deaf Association, assured the importance of recruiting the deaf people and giving them equal employment opportunities that accommodate their nature and needs to be active members in the community, these categories are not less than any others and an integral part of the emirati community.

He noted the necessity of the community responsibility towards the deaf people and the cooperation between both public and private sectors in ensuring equal job opportunities for them and giving them all the care they need to ensure their rights of work and equal life. The deaf people can perform several jobs and tasks in a working environment and compete with their colleagues in the labor market in various jobs that do not depend primarily on hearing or speaking.

The Chairman of the Deaf Association said: “Following the directives of the wise leadership, the UAE gives the deaf and hearing impaired categories great support and employment opportunities in jobs that suit their capabilities, link vocational rehabilitation with the community needs and labor market, coordinate with government and private sectors by asking them to specify the needed staff number of people of determination in their organization, highlight it through media and provide them with vocational training before work according to the needs of the labor market and increase equal education and training opportunities for them. He also lauded the understanding of organizations for the needs of these categories, ways of including them in the community and benefiting from their experiences as a challenge example or model.

The Ministry of Community Development was also keen to support the parents of the deaf people to inform the community of their children’s rights and practice their activities in the community. Therefore, the Ministry gave a licence to the Emirates Deaf Association to represent deaf people in the community. The representation of the deaf people in the advisory council of the people of determination is the best indication of the UAE’s wise leadership concern towards including all the categories and parents in the strategies and policies of their children and satisfy their needs and requirements.



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