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Hamdan b-1

Hamdan bin Mohammed launches ‘Partners for Pioneering’ initiative to enhance government performance

Hamdan bin Mohammed: Greater harmony between government departments will unlock new synergies that advance our shared goal of maintaining Dubai’s position as a leading global destination
DEWA ach-2

DEWA achieves world records in energy and water performance indicators

خدمات الكهرباء والمياه في دبي وفق أعلى معايير الجودة والكفاءة والاعتمادية والتوافرية

"شروق" تعلن عن مشروعي "جناح السراي، بيت خالد بن إبراهيم " و"قرية نجد المقصار" في "سوق السفر العربي" 2022

تسلط الضوء على تجربة الشارقة في قطاع السفر

Mohammed bin Rashid attends Dubai World Cup 2022

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Gerard: I am part of the UAE

He first landed in the UAE year 1978 and mixed with the culture to a point where everybody living in Dubai knew who he .

Crisis management: UAE always exceeds

The UAE has showed effective management and containment of coronavirus. With a robust health care system and expertise .

Kimi Akai: I love the Emiratis.. and Dubai is home

Kimi Akai is a Japanese lady who considers herself part of Dubai. Her first visit was back in 1977; she worked as a .

With love from "Ummi Kitchen"

Have you ever craved homemade food when you’re outside the house? If yes, then you should consider “Ummi Kitchen”. .

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