About Dubai Media



Integrated, Smart, Innovative, Sustainable Media Company, offering highly rated media content


·       Integrated: our TV, Radio and Press working together in unison

·       Smart: Using smart application in our managing business and services.

·       Innovative: Keeping abreast with state of the art approaches in the media sector and endorsing  new innovative ideas and advanced technology

·       Sustainable: Achieve the economic, environmental and social sustainability

·       Highly rated media content: create and show the content that attracts maximum audience



Provide diverse media services to enhance the image of Dubai & UAE, and participate in shaping the future.

Accuracy and Objectivity – Transparency and Credibility –Creativity – Cooperation and Engagement –Responsibility- Respect for the Public – Competitiveness & Shaping the future – Happiness & Positive Energy.

·       Accuracy and Objectivity: Exert all possible effort to ensure  providing accurate and objective media content

·       Transparency and Credibility: Transparency should be taken into account in dealing with media services, together with adherence to established global standard practices in this field

·       Creativity: Unceasing development in providing media services in an innovative and creative manner

·       Cooperation and Involvement:  Cooperation and engagement with other entities to provide excellent media services

·        Responsibility: Joint responsibility through collective work

·       Respect for the Public: Respect for the right to respond and correct published information and respect of privacy, intellectual property rights and respect to the ethnic and cultural diversity that characterizes the Dubai community inclusive of diverse norms and traditions.

·       Competitiveness & shaping the future: Fair and sincere competition without prejudice to distinguished quality of performance in order to shape the future for the nation and its people.

·       Happiness & Positive Energy: we are striving to spread Happiness & Positive Energy within our employees, customers and all society.

The Strategic Plan consists of four strategic themes with a number of strategic objectives for each:

·       Financial theme

1- Increase conventional revenue and creative revenues.

2- Optimize investments in financial resources

·       Customers theme

1- Introduce creative products and services for all customers’ groups.

2- Allow customers to watch/ read/ listen, by all means, wherever & whenever they want.

3- Embody the spirit and project the image of Dubai

·       Process theme

1-    Engage audiences to create innovative ideas & facilitate participation in content creation.

2-    Complement DMI media content with simultaneous digital & social networking.

3-    Continuous Improvement of Processes.

·       Talents and technology theme

1-    Develop & empower proud happy employees.

2-    Create motivated teamwork creative  work environment

3-    Design and implement plans and polices for smart transformation and information security.

4-    Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of governance and risk management.

 This Strategic Plan depicts the underlying relationship between strategic objectives of DMI, which are logically connected to each other.  Performance indicators, projects, main procedures, strategic job families, and technological applications, have been determined and cascaded at all levels of media content including Radio, TV channels and newspapers.


Executive Team

Mohamed AlMulla

CEO of Dubai Media

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Shaikha Ahmad

CEO of Human Resources Sector

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Abdulla Almansoori

CEO of Corporate Support Sector

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Salem Belyouha

CEO of Media Content Sector

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Faisal Abdalla

CEO of Printing and Distribution Sector

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Abdulwahed Juma

CEO of Commercial Affairs & Partnership Sector

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