DP World supports Senegal in fighting COVID-19

May 10, 2020  

170 container loads of pharmaceuticals and medical PPE delivered

Food and sanitation supplies delivered to schools

DP World Dakar is taking no chances in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in Senegal. The company is working hard to keep trade flowing through the port so that vital goods, such as food and medical supplies can get through, while ensuring strict health and safety measures are in place to protect employees.

Terminal staff are working in rotation, with half the team onsite and half working remotely. The regional team at DP World Middle East and Africa in Dubai has been collaborating with the management of DP World Dakar, as well as all port stakeholders and key government entities to keep trade flowing. The port serves as the modern and preferred hub for West Africa, generating significant value for the Senegalese economy and for businesses around the region.

Since early February, 170 containers filled with pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals were handled through the terminal. The DP World Dakar team has been constantly reinforcing health messages to its own staff, families and stakeholders, in line with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation and the Senegalese Ministry of Health, and sent out a clear message that Social Distancing is a critical demand and not an option for our community to remain safe.

Clarence Rodrigues, Chief Executive of DP World Dakar, said: “Although we have only a few hundred confirmed cases in Senegal to date, we have seen the devastating effects of COVID-19 in other countries around the world. We have applied strict social distancing measures at DP World, to slow the spread of the disease.”

In addition to the existing requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) within the port area, the terminal is providing face masks and hand sanitiser to all employees. The food outlet has been closed and instead, all employees currently receive packed meals.

Rodrigues added: “We are offering our assistance in many ways, primarily by ensuring the region’s vital logistics keep running smoothly so there are no shortfalls in critical supplies. At a community level, we have given a special allowance to all employees to help their families living in remote villages to stock up on food supplies.”

DP World Dakar regularly provides many tonnes of food for over 5,500 vulnerable students, studying at Koranic boarding schools located all over Senegal. This food basket includes rice, milk, oil, sugar, millet, corn, and other local foodstuff items. To help the schools in their own fight against COVID-19, sanitation items have been added to standard deliveries, including liquid soap, detergents and bleach.

DP World Dakar has also donated Euro 300,000 to FORCE COVID-19, a response fund financed by both state and voluntary contributions. The fund was setup by His Excellency Macky Sall, President of Senegal, and is designed to support the implementation of a US$2 billion Economic and Social Resilience Programme, to help mitigate the effects of the virus.



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