Ministry of Community Development Organizes Youth Circles to Employ People of Determination

July 16, 2019  

Ministry of Community Development to Market Productive Families Products Globally through Cyberspace


Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, UAE Minister of Community Development and His Excellency Saad Ibrahim Al Kharaz, Minister of Social Affairs in Kuwait, inaugurated the Emirati-Kuwaiti joint productive families’ exhibition held in Dubai Mall for (5) days from (16-20) July in the participation of (29) productive families from both countries. The exhibition provides the visitors of Dubai an exceptional summer surprises shopping experiences.

The exhibition was attended by a number of diplomatic missions in the UAE in addition to officials of federal and local entities. The participating Emirati-Kuwaiti productive families will display thousands of traditional and innovative products such as: publications, children’s clothes, jalabias, abayas, perfumes, dukhoon, decorative pots, emirati spices, honey, natural oils and desserts, innovative products all made in an innovative way that blend between the past and the present and satisfy the needs of the shoppers of all tastes.

Following the inauguration of the exhibition, Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, UAE Minister of Community Development, stated that as part of the ministry’s efforts to keep pace with the UAE strategic vision 2021, it has supplied these household goods and products through digital currency “bitcoin” in addition to the current purchase operations through traditional cash. This leading and precedent step helps to expand the marketing process locally, regionally and globally of all the productive families’ goods as supported by the Ministry of Community Development.

Her Excellency noted that the second joint exhibition also conveys that sustainable community development integration between the UAE and Kuwait and enhances the success stories of productive families and the expansion of their projects and products. The exhibition is very important from the social, family, economic, development and cultural aspects as it conveys the strong ties and solidarity between the two countries. Her Excellency also lauded the products reassuring the willingness of the owners of homemade and micro projects to participate in the exhibition to gain the confidence of consumers, display the best products and be active members in global competitive markets.

Her Excellency the UAE Minister of Community Development also noted the importance of the exhibition and its social, economic and development value for both families and society to achieve sustainable goals for all targeted audience, and introduce the products of these families at the same time to the community after years of support, encouragement and relentless efforts.

Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid called all the community members and Dubai Mall visitors to visit the exhibition and get introduced to the traditional and modern products and cultures of the Gulf region.

Furthermore, His Excellency Saad Ibrahim Al Kharraz, Minister of Social Affairs in Kuwait expressed his admiration of the thorough participation of both Kuwaiti and Emirati productive families noting that the value of this Gulf joint attendance in one of the largest malls regionally and globally has a great value for everyone. The joint exhibition which is organized for the second time enhances sustainable societal and development partnership between Kuwait and the UAE and follows the success of the first exhibition which was previously organized between 31st January and 4th February in Kuwait with the participation of (30) productive families.


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