GDMO organises workshop on role of communications in crisis management

November 27, 2019  

The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO), in collaboration with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), organised a training workshop on the role of communication and media in crisis management.  The workshop was attended by Khalifa bin Darrai, Executive Director of DCAS.


Conducted for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Strategic Communication Network as part of its 2019 training programme for the Network, the workshop outlined the latest tools and best practices in strategic communication. Juma Essa Al Balooshi, Head of the Emergency Ambulance Operations Department, and a number of DCAS officials addressed the workshop held at the DCAS headquarters.


Alia Altheeb, GDMO’s Senior Manager for Strategic Communications, said: “The workshop is one of a series of training sessions focused on crisis communication organised for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Strategic Communication Network. The session was aimed at helping participants enhance their understanding of strategic communication approaches and tools that can be used in crisis situations. Participants were briefed on the communication tactics used by DCAS to deal with emergencies.”


During the workshop, Al Balooshi, talked about the various functions of DCAS, which include providing ambulance and patient transportation services, raising community awareness and imparting vocational training. Al Balooshi highlighted how the Corporation deals with emergency cases with the help of its 111 ambulance points and 123 ambulance cars. The Corporation provides services through its intensive care units, ambulances for mothers and children, first responder cars, bikes, motorcycles and crisis buses.


The session also outlined how DCAS deals with emergencies from the time it receives an emergency call from the command and control room in Dubai Police. Al Balooshi explained how DCAS dispatches an ambulance unit to assess the emergency and then activates an appropriate plan based on a report sent to the medical dispatcher. 


Al Balooshi spoke about the various activities DCAS conducts to educate companies and people on crisis management. He said that the Corporation has organised several crisis management training workshops for hospitals and private companies licensed by DCAS. The organisation also routinely organises internal training for paramedics and ambulance drivers on how to handle critical cases.


Members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Strategic Communication Network were briefed on DCAS’s control room which supports emergency workers handling accidents.


The members of the Network expressed their appreciation for the important role played by DCAS in saving lives, ensuring public safety and providing emergency medical services. 


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