• Emirati-Kuwaiti Productive Partnership Reveals Development Integration between two Countries

February 3, 2019  

Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Bu Humaid, Minister of Community Development, inaugurated the productive families exhibition in Kuwait which participated by (20) Emirati and (5) Kuwaiti productive families and hosted by the Avenue Center between 31st January till 4th February.

The exhibition was attended by His Excellency Saad Ibrahim Al Khazzaz, Minister of Community Development in Kuwait, a number of ministers, ambassadors and officials, media representatives and members of the community.

Her Excellency the Minister of Community Development (MOCD) said that the opening of Al Sana exhibition with Emirati-Kuwaiti partnership, conveys that developmental integration between the UAE and Kuwait was deep rooted since the fifties and yielded significant results. ‘Al Sana’ exhibition is an important event among family and community members noting that these products were created by the ideas of youth generations, university students and employees as well as a number of achievements that were done by a group of beneficiaries who benefited from the community guarantee and people of determination. The participants created various handicraft products that convey their ambitions and dreams.

The participating Emirati-Kuwaiti productive families in Al Sana provided thousands of traditional and innovative products such as: publications, children’s clothes, jalabias, abayas, perfumes, dukhoon, decorative pots, emirati spices, honey, natural oils and desserts, innovative products all made in an innovative way that blend between the past and the present and satisfy the needs of the shoppers of all tastes.

Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Bu Humaid emphasized that Al Sana project for productive families is a diverse idea that is adopted by the UAE with an unlimited support by the UAE government, this conveys the ministry’s efforts to build a “coherent family…cohesive community” that coincides with the national policy for Emirati families.

“Al Sana plays an important role in developing family stability and support their financial standards, it also enhances and supports the progress of the UAE economy and provides the participants with the opportunities of finding other financial resources through using their energies, talents and ideas to provide the best products and ensure competitiveness and productivity”, her Excellency said.

It is noted that the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) participates in Al Sana Pavilion in the global village each year. The 2018/2019 in its tenth consecutive participation of (55) productive families; this conveys the ministry’s keenness to support and empower Emirati productive families economically and maintain their stability and coherence. Al Sana pavilion is supported by the management of the Global Village as part of its community responsibility towards the community members.

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) participates in “Al Sana’ pavilion each year at the global village in Dubai and this season 2018/2019 is the tenth and is recognized by the participation of 65 emirati productive family. Al Sana reveals the ministry’s keen efforts to support and empower emirati families to maintain their stability and coherence. Al Sana participation comes under the support of the global village management as part of its social responsibility role.



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