2538 Young Males & Females Enrolled in (14) Eddad Courses for Six Months

August 5, 2019  

According to the statistics of the first quarter of 2019, the “Eddad” educational and awareness program organized by the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) and presented by several family counsellors benefited (2538) young emirati males and females who are about to get married up to (14) training courses during mornings, evenings and weekends all over the emirates.


Wahida Khalil, Director of Marriage Grants Department at the Ministry of Community Development revealed that the ministry’s initiative aimed for improving the material presented within “Eddad” by the counsellors to achieve the maximum required benefits.  


She also noted that the goals of “Eddad” program are clear and specific, as they include raising the awareness over the importance of marriage and developing the behaviours of those who are about to get married in order to overcome some challenges and obstacles, promote positive aspects of life. The program focuses on emirati males and females who are about to get married and applicants to the marriage grant.


She indicated that the main task of the program is to prepare the next generations to form a united and cohesive emirati family and create a conscious community that is aware of the efforts of the UAE wise leadership towards a sustainable development vision. Such families’ awareness programs maintain the stability of the society at large and enhance the trust of younger generations into marriage, such sustainable awareness programs focus on developing couples' skills and motivating them to achieve positivity, understanding and harmony in line with the Ministry's vision to establish the trust of stable and cohesive families.



It is noted that”Eddad” program consists of 5 basic themes: family relations, marriage compatibility, financial planning, couple’s partnership in raising children, promoting UAE citizenship and family challenges.


The program provides an integrated training course covering different aspects of life: religious, psychological, social, family and economic fields offering three hours per session, where the counsellors display the means of positive and reform changes to fathers and husbands and challenges faced by couples. The sessions are presented by lecturers and social counsellors who are specialized in family awareness and education.


The program also targets young emirati males and females who are about to get married as well as beneficiaries of the marriage grant. Hence, they are also provided with the needed knowledge and skills to build a secure and stable family. It is mandatory for applicants and their spouses, and is available to all members of the community to raise awareness of the concept of stable and cohesive UAE family composition.


“Eddad” program training sessions are carried out according to an annual plan that covers all emirates during morning and evening periods on weekdays and on weekends. The sessions which continue permanently annually at the rate of three courses per month, and at 3 hours per cycle.


The program is intended for marriage grants applicants and their spouses in a mandatory manner, and is available to all members of the community who can attend the courses that are announced through the Ministry's website and social media accounts, in an effort to raise awareness of the concept of the Formation of a stable and coherent Emirati family.


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