Ministry of Community Development Launches “Kheta” Platform to Support People of Determination and their Families during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 30, 2020  



Kheta Platform Employs Artificial Intelligence to Promote Provided Services for People for Determination, parents and supervisors



The Ministry of Community Development announced the beginning of the implementation of “Kheta” platform in cooperation with “Ynmo” in Saudi Arabia under the supervision of “Ibtikar” Edu Tech Solutions starting from the new academic year 2020/2021 as part of the programs and plans provided by the Ministry to support people of determination and their families during the novel coronavirus pandemic-COVID 19 and the changes in the patterns of education.

The ministry also announced it will begin training all the staff of the centers on using the platform from the beginning of this month in preparation for the new academic year that will be launched differently due to the repercussions of the novel coronavirus-COVID 19 pandemic. “Kheta” platform is expected to facilitate and overcome all the obstacles of the educational and rehabilitation services of the people of determination; and at the same time will support their families remotely through the development of educational and rehabilitation programs that are easy to share with the family to be implemented at home.

“Kheta” platform aims to improve the quality of welfare and educational services for people of determination that are supervised and supported by the Ministry by enabling the practitioners in the people of determination centers all over the emirates to determine the level of people of determination beneficiaries and their families, develop and build individual educational and rehabilitation plans in a timely manner using artificial intelligence algorithms, follow the level of progress and make decisions based on evidence with the least effort, communicate with the family and activate its role towards the education and rehabilitation of people of determination with confidentiality and privacy.

These quality services provided by the Ministry of Community Development to the people of determination and their families, specialists and supervisors come in line with the objectives and initiatives of the national policy for empowering people of determination to achieve their active participation and obtain equal opportunities in an inclusive society that ensures a wellbeing life for them and their families through services and facilities that accommodate their needs.

The executive steps to reflect this cooperation between the Ministry of Community Development and “Ynmo” began earlier through the formation of a team from both sides at the beginning of this year, represented by the Department of Welfare and Rehabilitation for People of Determination and Information Technology Department in the ministry, as well as the training and consulting team from the company; where joint workshops were held during different periods this year.  Additionally, one staff at the people of determination centers at the Ministry was  trained to use “Ynmo” platform to evaluate its effectiveness, whereas, an action plan has been taken during this period to add some characteristics and features that will be circulated at all the ministry’s centers after implementing the required procedures.

Wafa Hamad bin Sulaiman, Director of Welfare and Rehabilitation Department for People of Determination at the Ministry of Community Development, said that the joint cooperation with “Ynmo” Platform emphasizes its serious efforts to achieve and implement the pillars of the national policy for empowering people of determination which is based on six main pillars; the second and third provide an integrative education system with appropriate supportive technologies and learning materials.

Saeed Abdullah, Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Community Development, stressed the ministry's keenness to promote welfare and development with proactive solutions and services that stimulate performance at all service levels, this comes within the UAE ambitious development vision and wise leadership, to ensure the provision of integrated smart services and promote sustainable development efforts at the ministry.

Dr. Fahad Al Nimri, CEO of "Ynmo" Platform, expressed his gratitude for this cooperation and said: The ministry's adoption of “Ynmo” platform for people of determination is the most adequate solution and application for international and professional best practices that contribute to the rationalization of support, supervision and decision-making based on evidence.

Wasseem Kadoura, Director of Business Development at Ibtikar Edu Tech Solutions and Partner in “Ynmo” Platform, said: "Based on our beliefs that everyone has different learning abilities and skills, we support all elements that achieve uniqueness in providing educational experiences. Hence, “Kheta” platform promotes this vision in accordance with the requirements and challenges of the century; it is based on an individual educational plan using the capabilities of artificial intelligence for each individual according to his skills, and enhances communication channels and cooperation to create integration in roles in order to provide our students with the best technologies in line with the UAE smart government directives.



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