Ministry of Community Development Displays Its Initiatives and Development Services in “Ajman City Center”

June 25, 2019  

Ministry Highlights “We will Drop You” Service for Senior Emiratis, “Form an Emirati Family” and People of Determination Services


The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) will launch its booth in Ajman City Center beginning 27th June till 1st July 2019 to display its initiatives, services and development work to serve all the members of the community especially senior Emiratis, people of determination, families under the umbrella of the National Policies for Senior Emiratis, People of Determination and Families.

The booth will include a detailed explanation about a number of initiatives and services presented to the community such as: the mobile car for Senior Emiratis named “We will drop”, “With Sign Language” Service for people of determination mentioned on the ministry’s website, “Form an Emirati Family” initiative for younger generations who are not eligible for the conditions of the marriage grant, other services and privileges given by the recruitment platform of people of determination, “Nomow Application” for children and people of determination as well as the national volunteering platform “” and “Senior Volunteers” initiative.

The Ministry will also introduce the visitors of “Ajman City Center” an explanation about the National Policy for Senior Emiratis, National Policy for People of Determination and the services of the Senior Emiratis Happiness Center in Ajman, Daycare Clubs for Senior Emiratis and the mechanism of issuing the people of determination card.

It will also display other important societal services such as “Taaluf” for Family Counselling, “Massarra” Card, and the protection and awareness stories for children known as “Open Sesame” in addition to the interactive game “Kid X” innovated by the Ministry in cooperation with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to target children and enable them get acquainted to the reality of government services and foresee the best future in the United Arab Emirates. The Ministry of Community Development assured the ministry’s keenness to continue introducing its services to the community in all the emirates to make them realize the importance of these initiatives, services and projects to the development and progress of the nation.

The ministry’s booth in “Ajman City Center” will be participated by a number of staff, registered volunteers in the national volunteering platform, in success of the previous booth which was organized by the Ministry in “Mirdif City Center” during the first quarter of the year and its positive impact and interaction of the community members.

Commenting on this social initiative, Mona Khalil, Director of Government Communications Department at the Ministry of Community Development assured the ministry’s keenness to continue introducing its services to the community in all the emirates as some of them are related to family stability and childhood awareness, support senior Emiratis, empower the people of determination and support the younger generations who are getting married.

The Booth provides introductory brochures, detailed videos and information about the services of the ministry to the beneficiaries. The Booth strives to reach its targeted audience and expands the knowledge of the center’s visitors to the services of the Ministry in the attendance of staff members who will educate the public about the initiatives, services and activities of the Ministry”.

The Ministry’s booth in Ajman City Center displays community services and initiatives that were launched in cooperation with the government sector in Ajman especially the care and development services for senior Emiratis, people of determination and social assistance beneficiaries.



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