Ministry of Community Development Organizes Several Activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan

May 9, 2019  

The Ministry of Community Development will organize several social inititives and activities during the holy month of Ramadan under the title “the best for our nation” in all the emirates in celebration of the month of giving and care to all accruing categories.

The ministry’s initiatives during the holy month include several a variety of  activities targeting senior emiratis, people of determination, orphans, people with limited income, and chastity families who are in need but do not ask for charity, such as iftar gatherings for senior emiratis, and the initiative named “we are your family” in addition to evening visits for those who do not have any supporters in cooperation with the registered volunteers in the national volunteering platform “” in order to enhance communication between the younger generations and senior emiratis,

The Ministry also organized a joint initiative in cooperation with Dubai Post under the title “Senior Emiratis Pride of Our Country”, as posts to be disseminated every Monday during the holy month of Ramadan in the ministry’s social media account and Dubai Post about inspirational stories of a number of senior emiratis who played a great role in the progress and development of the country, as well as an initiative to distribute foodstuff (known as Al Mir Al Ramadani) in cooperation with several charity associations in the UAE and in coordination with the Community Development Centers at the Ministry, distribution of giveaways (known as eideyaa) for children, Zakat Al Fitr for -families who are in need but refrain from asking for charity- all over the emirates as well as electronic equipments to help these families be prepared for summer adequately.

The ministry’s list of activities during the holy month of Ramadan will be launched on “Zayed Humanitarian Day” coinciding 19th Ramadan through field visits by a team from the Ministry of Community Development and volunteers to reach the targeted audience in order to facilitate their financial

and community procedures and enhance their participation in volunteering activities in the environment and agriculture fields, renovation of buildings and Safe Ramadan initiative.

The Ministry of Community Development will also celebrate the Islamic Orphan Day coinciding 15th Ramadan to include several entertainment activities to enhance communication between the orphan children and categories of the community held in Community Development Centers in the UAE.

The Ministry aims through these community initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan to enhance consolidation between the community members, organize and implement volunteering activities for all ages to increase their humanitarian deeds and societal responsibility towards the community and accrued categories based on the importance of societal development work in serving the nation and increasing its progress.



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