Massive Attendance of Global Village Visitors to “Al Sanaa” Pavilion

January 19, 2019  
Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) pavilion known as “Al Sanaa” Pavilion for the tenth year in the Global Village, one of the most cultural features worldwide and the first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment and supported by the global village management, has witnessed massive attendance by the visitors. The pavilion included creative artworks for (65) productive families. The products represent the community development centers in the Ministry to empower emirati productive families economically and maintain their stability and cohesion.

The participation of the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) in Al Sanaa 2018/2019 is based on the ideas of the university students, staff and a number of beneficiaries from the community security, people of determination and Punitive and Correctional Institutions. The participants created various handicraft products such as: publications, children’s clothes, jalabias, abayas, perfumes, dukhoon, decorative pots, emirati spices, honey, natural oils and desserts, innovative products all made in an innovative way that blend between the past and the present and satisfy the needs of the shoppers of all tastes.

Afra Bu Humaid, Director of Productive Families Program Department in the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) said: “Al Sanaa” pavilion is one of the sustainable projects aimed at raising the economic level of the productive emirati families, diversifying their sources of income, investing their energies, developing their abilities and enriching their skills to be leading project owners with innovative and creative visions, noting that, the Ministry was very keen to encourage Al Sanaa project in order to contribute more to the support of the family and UAE economy, The Ministry is very keen to support the productive emirati families through a number of free training workshops in cooperation with experts.

“The number of registered emirati productive families since the establishment of Al Sanaa Pavilion in 2008 reached (2408), whereas about more than (1642) exhibitions have been organized in the UAE with the participation of (9525) productive families. The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) in cooperation with its partners provided these families with stalls in the various emirates and icontinuously increases the number of these stalls through its activation with a lot of entities in the country.

The Productive Families Program Department in the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) fully supervises Al Sanaa Pavilion in the Global Village to encourage emirati families especially people of determination, widowers and divorcees, mothers and their children, the younger generations who are registered in Anamel emirati initiative, in addition to the presence of all the family members i.e. mother sister and children.


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