Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) Highlights Sustainable Development Efforts with Public Benefits Non-Profit Associations

December 30, 2018  
Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) held a meeting with the representatives of charity and humanitarian associations in the UAE in an effort to enhance the integral role between the Ministry and Public Benefit Non-Profit Associations especially charity services and support the goals of the ministry in achieving community cohesion providing the best support to the UAE community and delivering all services to its beneficiaries.

The meeting was attended by Nasser Ismail, Assistant Undersecretary for Community Care in the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD), Ahmed Al Khadim, Deputy Director of Public Benefit Non-Profit Associations Department, a number of employees in the ministry and representatives of charity and humanitarian associations in the UAE. The meeting included an introduction to the activities and programs of the associations in addition to a discussion about the electronic link and connection, “Al Khair” coordinators project and “Khair Ahalenha” i.e. welfare for our families, and the new future plans for charity works in the UAE.

Nasser Ismail emphasized the important role of the associations in achieving family cohesion and stability lauding the efforts of the charity and humanitarian associations and entities in achieving the goals and aspirations of the Ministry and supporting its goals and objectives to promote community empowerment and care initiatives and transfer them into sustainable community development objectives.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Community Care Affairs, stated that the Ministry will soon begin to complete the e-link connection project with the associations in 2019, noting that the e-link connection with the charity associations aims for coordinating all efforts with the charity and development works as a sustainable trend that achieves community care and national aspirations.

He also indicated the importance of the presence of coordinators between the ministry and charity associations named “al khair coordinators” to coordinate and ensure the quality of services to all the community members. The meeting members also highlighted the initiative of families named “khairna le ahlena” which depends on field researches that were done by the ministry’s employees and also supported by different charity associations in the UAE.

In terms of the activities and programs of the associations, the representatives of charity entities and associations presented a brief overview of the associations about the activities and programs they present to the community members including several development projects in the educational and healthcare fields and support to the people of determination and productive families as well as financial care to the beneficiaries of these programs.

It is noted that the role of the charity associations and entities in the UAE coincide with the visions and ambitions of the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) to transfer from community care to development and this requires opening new horizons for charity work in the UAE to enhance sustainable community development and at the same time continue to provide support and care to the beneficiaries i.e. senior emiratis, people of determination and other categories who need care and support.


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