Leading voices in podcasting to convene at Dubai PodFest 2023 to discuss the industry's future
November 9, 2023

 The Dubai Press Club (DPC), organiser of Dubai PodFest, the region’s leading event dedicated to podcasting, today unveiled the agenda of the third edition of the event, which is being held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council, on 16 May.

Featuring prominent podcasters, audio content creators and leading organisations in the industry, the event will discuss the future of podcasting in the region and examine fresh strategies to accelerate the growth of the sector. The event, being held at the Dubai Press Club located in One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, will provide a platform for industry experts to share insights, knowledge and expertise on a range of topics, including content creation, audience engagement, monetisation and distribution, all of which are critical elements in the rapidly growing podcasting industry.

As the largest annual gathering of podcasters in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Dubai PodFest cements Dubai’s status as a major media hub in the region and a catalyst for digital media innovation. The event also showcases Dubai's growing prominence as a global centre for cutting-edge digital trends.

Dr. Maitha Buhumaid, Director of DPC, said: “As part of our commitment to driving regional media development, the topics addressed in our major annual events always aim to delve into important trends and issues pertinent to various media industries, including the present state and future outlook of media.”

“We are thrilled to welcome the participants of the third edition of the event, which has attracted some of the most prominent podcasters in the region,” Dr. Buhumaid added. “The tremendous interest shown by podcasters and leading podcasting platforms to attend the event is a testament to the leading role of Dubai in shaping the future of digital media.”

Dr. Buhumaid highlighted DPC's continuous efforts to establish a unified ecosystem that defines the industry’s standards in the region. She added that the upcoming phase will witness the launch of significant initiatives aimed at bolstering the growth of the industry in the region and ensuring the delivery of high-quality content.

Mahfoudha Abdullah, Programme Development and Media Training Manager at Dubai Press Club, said: “We are excited to host distinguished content creators from across the Arab world to explore ways of promoting and expanding the reach of podcasts in the region.  The third edition of Dubai PodFest is being organised as part of DPC’s objectives to enhancing the growth of emerging media industries. The event is just one of many initiatives undertaken by the Club to  support the development of the digital audio content industry, given its promising outlook in the region and significant growth worldwide.”

Diverse Agenda

During the event, keynote speaker Michele Cobb, Executive Director of The Podcast Academy, will highlight key consumer listening data points from various countries and offer valuable insights into the future of the podcasting industry in the region. Cobb will discuss The Podcast Academy's initiatives in empowering content creators with the skills and tools necessary for success across different podcast platforms. Her session will also examine the latest trends and advancements in the world of podcasting.

Dubai PodFest 2023 will also feature a fireside chat with Stefano Fallaha, CEO of Podeo, one of the Arab world's largest podcasting platforms. During the session Fallaha will discuss the history and future direction of Podeo in the region. He will share valuable insights into the growth trajectory of the company and the podcast industry as a whole.

The event is also featuring a session that will bring together podcasters from around the world to share their inspirational stories. The session will feature a diverse group of podcasters who will talk about their experiences and the challenges they faced in creating their podcasts. The session will provide an opportunity for podcasters to connect, network and learn from one another. From personal growth to business success, each podcaster will share their unique story and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Also participating in the Dubai PodFest will be Todd Cochrane, CEO of US-based podcast hosting service Blubrry Podcasting, who will share his perspectives on the topic of monetisation in the podcasting industry. A recognised thought leader and expert in the field of podcasting, Cochrane will discuss the various ways in which podcasters can monetise their content and build a sustainable revenue stream. He will also share insights on innovations happening in the podcasting space surrounding ‘Podcasting 2.0’ while discussing new monetisation models surrounding ‘Value4Value’ and how that model can provide podcasters of all sizes monetisation.



The third edition of the event will feature two workshops aimed at building the podcasting capabilities of audio content creators and media professionals in the region. Leading global audio streaming platform Spotify will host a training session titled ‘Spotify for Podcasters:  How to Grow your Audience with Spotify’, which will help podcasters learn different ways and tools to grow their podcasts. In another workshop titled ‘Podeo Enabling your Podcast’, Podeo will help participants gain a deeper understanding of the exclusive features Podeo offers creators to optimise their content and reach a wider audience.

The organisation of Dubai PodFest 2023 forms part of DPC’s efforts to showcase the latest trends in the region’s podcast market and equip both established and aspiring podcasters with the tools and skills needed to create high-quality content.

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