Dubai Media is now the exclusive media partner of American Hospital Dubai
February 1, 2024

Dubai Media signed a cooperation agreement with American Hospital Dubai on the sidelines of the 49th edition of Arab Health 2024 held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event brings together more than 3,450 exhibitors from 180 countries, many healthcare influencers and government entities.

The agreement was signed by HE Mohammed Al Mulla, CEO of Dubai Media, Mr Buti Al Mulla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, owner of American Hospital Dubai, and Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, and American Hospital Dubai. Also present at the signing were Abdulwahed Juma, CEO of Commercial Affairs and Partnership Sector, and Abdulla Almansoori, CEO of Corporate Support Sector, Dubai Media.

Under the cooperation agreement, the two parties will enter an arrangement of mutual support for three years, during which Dubai Media will be American Hospital Dubai's exclusive media partner, providing media support and consultations, including covering the hospital's health activities, events, and seminars on Dubai Media television, radio, and print channels. The agreement also includes training employees and staff at American Hospital Dubai's media division.

American Hospital Dubai, for its part, will provide health awareness programs, additional support, and other facilities for all employees of Dubai Media. The hospital will contribute to hosting health seminars and interventions from specialized doctors on Dubai Media's television, radio, and print channels and hold awareness seminars for all media institutions affiliated with Dubai Media.

The cooperation agreement was signed as part of the two institutions' ongoing efforts to help realize the Dubai government's vision, which seeks to strengthen collaboration between public and private sectors, explore new avenues for cooperation with the community, and promote joint initiatives. It aims to support strategic partnerships in the country by exchanging experiences and working towards common goals and objectives.

Commenting on the agreement signing, HE Mohammed Al Mulla, CEO of Dubai Media, said: "We are pleased to sign a cooperation agreement with American Hospital Dubai, one of the region's leading hospitals. This partnership represents an important stage in our efforts to support the country's healthcare sector. The goal is to keep pace with the significant technological progress influencing and shaping the image of the future media."

HE Mohammed Al Mulla added: "This partnership is an important addition to the list of Dubai Media's partners, which includes several media partnerships with the most prominent institutions hosted by the country and the region. It will help us learn about the best technologies and information related to the healthcare sector."

Al Mulla emphasized the significance of establishing strategic partnerships and productive collaboration with national and international institutions to promote the exchange of expertise and integration of efforts. These partnerships can be crucial in promoting economic growth, achieving sustainable development, and fostering competitive development and innovation in the country. Al Mulla also highlighted Dubai Media's goal of establishing itself as the region's leading media platform by innovating media content and providing essential community services across sectors to all segments of society.

Mr. Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of the Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, and American Hospital Dubai, said Dubai Media is a prominent media organization in the Arab and regional spheres holding a significant position in the media industry locally and internationally. He emphasized that collaborating with Dubai Media is highly valuable for American Hospital Dubai and marks the beginning of a new partnership phase.

Beshara said the partnership with Dubai Media, which includes TV, radio, digital, and print channels, continues the country's collaboration between the public and private sectors. It also reaffirms the commitment to supporting and promoting creative initiatives that showcase the accomplishments and status of Dubai and the UAE locally and globally.

The collaboration aligns with the vision of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Head of State, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai Media provides high-quality content to its global audience, serving as an essential platform for showcasing Dubai and the UAE, and is a crucial element of Arab and international media. Its partnership with American Hospital Dubai is of unquestionable value.


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