60 Emirati Productive Families Participate in “Al Sanaa 11” at Global Village

October 29, 2019  

The Ministry of Community Development announced its opening to “Al Sanaa” pavilion for emirati productive families for the 11th consecutive year for the season 2019/2020. The ministry’s participation is supported by the management of the global village, one of the most prominent multi-cultural global hub and the first family cultural and shopping attraction in the region; as well as the encouragement of the ministry to achieve social and economic development and empowerment of emirati productive families to maintain stability and coherence.

The opening of Al Sana pavilion coincides with the new season of Dubai Global Village opening its doors to visitors from October 29th until 4th April 2020. As part of Al Sana pavilion activities this year, about (6) emirati productive families will participate by providing exquisite food stuff including sweets and different international flavored coffee, spices and honey.

On this occasion, Excellency Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary of Social Development at the Ministry of Community Development emphasized the importance the “Al Sana” pavilion at the global village since it consolidates the ministry’s efforts in supporting all categories of emirati productive families noting that providing emirati productive families the opportunities to participate in “Al Sana” pavilion is an exceptional opportunity to achieve competitiveness in the global market, increase the income of the participants and improve the products of these families under the home or micro projects based on the ambition of exploiting their energy, enthusiasm and talents, and encourage them to innovate and create new and projects different than traditional ideas.                                     

She also stated that the support and development of emirati productive families are one of the priorities of the Ministry of Community Development to achieve family solidarity, coherence and cohesion, achieve the ambitions of emirati families and their stability, enhance their welfare; the ministry shares these national duties with other government, private and non-profit organizations as part of their societal responsibilities. In this context, the partnership of the Ministry of Community Development with the Global Village is part of its societal responsibility towards the emirati productive families.

Additionally, Afra Buhumaid, Director of Productive Families Program at the Ministry of Community Development said that the total number of emirati productive families is (60) divided as follows: (10) projects are managed by men, (50) by women as well as (5) for senior emiratis; and one project for people of determination category; the participation included university students, staff and beneficiaries of social security, widows and divorced women.

Afra stated that the emirati productive families participating in Al Sana pavilion this year display different consuming products with advanced quality standards including: dhukoon, perfumes, abayas, jalabias, children clothes, accessories, decorated hospitality utensils, printed items, natural honey as well as other food products such as sweets, biscuits, pastries and coffee with different flavors. Al Sana pavilion is one of the sustainable projects of the ministry that aim for elevating the economic standards of emirati productive families, diversifying their sources of income, investing their capabilities and talents to become owners of leading projects with innovative advanced visions that aim for supporting the family economy in specific and national economy at large. The productive families program at the Ministry of Community Development fully supervises and manages Al Sana Pavilion in the Global Village.


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