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Dubai Media Incorporated - A Lasting Commitment to Excellence

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) achieved through its multiple media channels (press, radio and TV) remarkable success and prestigious status on the level of media in the Arab world and  reached a maximum number of viewers regionally and internationally owing to its creative, meaningful and relevant content, that always strives to embody the spirit of originality and modernity.



Through a clear vision that focuses on innovation and quality, and working in line with the strategic objectives of the government of Dubai, DMI seeks to create an archive of distinctive Arabic media resources that represent creative and meaningful television content, while respecting social, cultural, and family values in the UAE.

With the breakthroughs achieved by DMI and its splendid success story, DMI took on the responsibility of encouraging creativity through the continuous development of new media services that paralleled relevant developments in the UAE, and inculcate a culture of working in a dynamic media environment among its employees, and the media framework of the UAE in general, based on a clear study. DMI is committed to create a new Emirati media generation able to depict, portray and demonstrate the image of Dubai and the UAE, thereby contributing to the formulation of a new media concept. 


To be World pioneers in the field of Media

To enrich peoples lives through Media

About DMI

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) is the official media organization of the government of Dubai with a number of print, radio and TV channels under its umbrella:

·        Dubai TV, http://www.dubaitv.ae/content/dubaitv/ar-ae/home.html The State TV channel of the Emirate of Dubai and the official broadcaster of events and activities taking place in Dubai and the UAE.

·        Al Bayan Newspaper, one of the leading Arab and Khaleeji newspapers, characterized by credibility and transparency in monitoring the events and news of interest to the Arab world

·        Sama Dubai Channel http://www.samadubai.ae/content/samadubai/ar-ae/home.html is an Emirati channel by nature and by the local identity of its program creators and presenters.

·        Dubai One Channel http://www.dmi.ae/dubaione/ is featuring blockbuster movies and Hollywood productions, dramas, comedies and the Emirates News bulletin in English.

·        Dubai Sports Channel, http://www.dubaisports.ae/content/dubaisports/home.html broadcasting distinct programs of various sporting events and coverage of a number of big tournaments.

·        Dubai Racing Channel, http://www.dmi.ae/dubairacing/ specialize in broadcasting horse racing, camel racing and falconry sports of all types of local and international horse racing.

·        Noor Dubai Radio & TV, http://www.dmi.ae/noordubai/ the first radio station that addressed the day-to-day concerns of UAE residents, while its success with the Noor Dubai TV Channel.

·        Emarat Al Youm https://www.emaratalyoum.com/   Newspaper focuses on domestic issues, and issues of interest to Arab readers in the United Arab Emirates in its overall content.

·        Emirates 24|7 www.emirates247.com/ is the first and only online English publication in the UAE providing the reader with first-rate business news.

·        Masar Printing Press, www.masarprint.com/ provides quality printing and publishing services to various newspapers within Dubai Media Incorporated.

·        Tawseel distribution and logistics ، http://www.tawseel.com/ works to provide the best distribution and supply services and solutions to publishing and printing houses the locally and internationally.



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