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Why does rain smell so good?
It doesn’t rain very often in the UAE, but one of the best things about it when it does is that almost indescribable .
Work less but do more?
A new study suggests that the standard 8 hour work day isn’t way to get the most out of your workforce. In fact, most .
Why Emiratis love falcons?
Falcons are a big part of traditional culture in the UAE. Their culture goes back hundreds of years when they were used .
What’s a meme?
Condescending Wonka, Evil Kermit, Grumpy Cat…everybody’s got their favourite meme. But do you really know what a meme .
What is ‘Al Eidiyah’?
The names may differ from one country to another, but ‘Al Eidiyah’ remains a popular social tradition for Muslims in .


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