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Lungs of the planet
The Amazon rainforest is burning at record rates. Satellite images spotted the smoke that blotted out the sun in Sao .
Work less but do more?
A new study suggests that the standard 8 hour work day isn’t way to get the most out of your workforce. In fact, most .
Dubai’s super fit chef
Emirati chef Khaled Al Saadi operates KRUST, serving grilled cheese sandwiches from The Hub at Emirates Towers on .
My Friend is an Alien!
Scientists think that people's reaction to the existence of aliens will not be as negative as sci-fi movies have .
Why does rain smell so good?
It doesn’t rain very often in the UAE, but one of the best things about it when it does is that almost indescribable .
What is the day of Arafa?
What do you know about the day of Arafa? It’s the ninth day of the Islamic calendar month of Dhu'l-Hijjah and .
Beware of heat exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is an illness that can occur when a person exposes to high temperatures, and it often is accompanied by .
What is Karma?
Karma means work or deed; whatever you do in this world, there would be reaction to it. It is like Newton’s law: for .
Bridge of love in Dubai
“The Yard” bridge in Dubai, Al Khawaneej, is a place where people hang their locks and throw the keys in the water to .
Dubai: Vegan Friendly
Veganism has exploded in 2018 with more and more people choosing to avoid meat, dairy and other animal products like .
What's inside a rubber duck?
Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology cut open a rubber duck and other water toys .
Cats Or Owls Café, Anyone?
In Japan, you'll find a variety of cafés, each one with a certain theme. There is are cats, owls cafés, and a café .
6 different ways to travel
We all love traveling, to see and visit new places. We suggested a number of destinations you might like to visit, but .
Drink coffee.. live longer
A new study conducted by The International Association of Oncologists and the Imperial College London revealed that .
Naif Museum: Old Armoury
Weapons are part of the UAE’s heritage and history, as men in the region had once used them for self-defense and even .
Beware of heat exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is an illness that can occur when a person exposes to high temperatures, and it often is accompanied by .
Happy Father’s Day
On the occasion of Father’s Day which is celebrated in the UAE today, June 21st, Dubai Post interviewed a group of .
Up-Cycling for Good
This is a story of two sisters that created a successful eco-friendly business out of love for cycling. “The concept of .
Avoid fire hazards
Since fire accidents are very common during summertime, we’ve got some safety guidelines set by the General Directorate .
Binging to save a life
An 11-year-old boy in China is on a mission to save his father by gaining weight and eating 5 times a day. Being the .
Beat the heat sports
As the temperature rises in the region, it gets harder to exercise outdoors, especially during the day. However, in .
Save energy on peak times
Electricity consumption in Dubai is rising over the summer during the peak period between 12 PM to 6 PM. Reducing the .
Learn CPR
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a lifesaving procedure that is applied when someone’s heartbeat or breath has .
Henna … decoration of Eid
Women have been putting henna on their bodies for over 9000 years. Cleopatra is one of the most famous women to have .
A Metal Experiment
In Dubai, it is not only about the diversity of the population, you could also see an art scene with its members from .
Time To Ride
One cannot succeed without failing first; this is something that great skateboarders believe in, as they know that this .
Mobile Obsession
Getting the latest mobile phones has become a worldwide obsession that tech companies use to make profit. By .
Ongoing Myths
There are many myths out there that people are still believing and spreading without fact-checking first. Here are some .
Health benefits of spices
Spices are important in adding taste and flavor to food, and used in various cuisines around the world. However, they .
Space Pollution
After sending many missions and satellites into space, the atmosphere is beginning to get polluted. The estimated .
Strange customs
When travelling to a new country, you may face situations that seem easy to deal with, but if you are unaware of their .
Safe driving in Ramadan
Experts say that Ramadan road rage and its corresponding spike in traffic incidents can be avoided. Dubai Police .
Artistry of Arabic Letters
The aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy attracts amateurs and professionals to let their creativity flow into their .


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