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With the modern-day development of new technology and subsequent broadcasting needs, each organisation has to adapt its requirements accordingly. Today very few facilities in the region can offer a completely HD, file based tapeless end to end services under one roof.

DMI broadcast services is definitely the name that surfaces on the pinnacle in having top of the line and state of the art infrastructure including the best of breed experienced staff to handle any kind of challenge in record minimum time.

From our enviable position in the industry we are privileged to offer best services in the region by understanding the core of each customer’s requirement. Our strategic location and experience makes us a clear winner in translating your requirements to reality in the perfect and most cost effective way.

At DCN Broadcast Services we offer a complete array of world class services to cater to your needs for a successful business and influential growth.

The core services offered by DMI media services:

  • STUDIO Production
  • OUTDOOR Production i.e OB Van & SNG Van
  • Post Production
  • Media Management
  • QC (Quality Check)
  • Engineering
  • Transmission
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Creative services
  • Digital Media Services
  • Customized workplace Solution





With the ever increasing demand of a high end production facility in the region, content creators can now find a new address that can cater to their varying Production demands.

Whatever your Broadcast or production needs – whether you require a corporate video or a music video, an event recording, conference filming or equipment and crew hire – DCN Broadcast services has the highest quality services at the most competitive prices.

We work in a HD environment and a whole host of other formats – we can tailor our production solution to your specific needs and budgets. In addition, as production services we can provide a wide array of supplementary services whilst concentrating on delivering our focused video production solutions. Our staff has all the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that your production or presentation is not only perfect for you, but perfect for your target audience, too.

We use the latest and the best industry equipment that includes cameras , lights, Microphones, OB Kit, Multi-camera fly away kit, lenses, field recorders etc. We’re your one-stop shop for all the very best in production requirements.

Your professional search ends with us…





DMI Broadcast Services offers comprehensive HD production facilities including best silent Studios designed and managed with dedicated professionalism

We have the following facilities (but not limited to)

  • Studio Floor with different sizes
  • Sony Broadcast Cameras
  • Telematrix Robotic Camera Controller
  • Jimmy Jib
  • Up to 4 ME HD Production Switchers
  • Studio Audio Mixer
  • Server System for Tapeless recording and VT Playout
  • VIZRT On-air Graphics System
  • Telos Telephone Hybrid System
  • Teleprompter with remote, foot and hand controls
  • Motorized lighting Grid
  • Chroma Studio
  • Live Studio
  • Make up rooms
  • Complete lighting gears





Our Outdoor facility includes

  • OB Vans up to 12 cameras i.e HD as well as SD
  • SNG Vans with complete back up i.e. HD as well as SD
  • HD ENG Kit
  • Various Lenses
  • Lights
  • Cineflex systems





To meet the expectations of our different clients, we have equipped ourselves with the integrated and shared edit system that is highly capable of fast turn around of client’s project. Entire post facilities are connected on a central storage through fiber optic network for edit-in-place that is scalable further. The facility is further connected to Media Grid Active online Storage. The sound proof edit suites are connected through routable sources with centralized VTR / HDD resource capture management. The Graphics and Smoke suites are networked to share the files in the entire infrastructure for any creative demand. We have deployed Pro Tools|HD for amazing sound quality, great flexibility, and top-quality productions, from first take to final mix. The facility is managed by the Resource Management System and we have installed state-of the-art machines that generate output matching international benchmarks

The major highlights of the facility are

  • Non Linear Editing
    • Avid Media Composer
    • Apple Final Cut Pro
    • Adobe Premier
    • Adobe After Effects
    • MAYA
    • 2D / 3D Animation
    • Compositing
    • High End real time Compositing
    • Color Correction
    • Keying
    • Motion Tracking and Stabilization
    • Sound Designing
    • Sound Mixing
    • Voice Over
    • Compositing
    • Music Mixing with ICON





It is our pride that DMI Broadcast Facility is designed and managed on 100% file based workflow. The multi channel playout system is robust and hardened to handle redundant channels which are monitored simultaneously in a more traditional broadcast setting that allows a greater degree of monitoring and manual intervention. The automation system triggers secondary events resulting in on-air multiple graphic overlays scheduled for each event, along with logos, clocks, animations, titles, crawls, interactivity and captions. 'As-run' logs are generated from the transmission system for reconciliation of schedules along with compliance recording. Entire infrastructure is tightly integrated to handle open standards like XML.

Further highlights are

  • Probel Morpheus Automation & Media Management System
  • 24-hour Playout and Off-air Satellite return Monitoring
  • OMENEON Server with redundant channel (N+N)+1
  • CHYRON (Arabic /  Multilingual) Channel Branding
  • File based Subtitling
  • Auto-restore from Archive
  • Flexible content backup options
  • Qualified multi skilled technical operations with QA & Standard reporting procedures
  • Live Studio, External and Satellite Feed Insertion and Recording
  • Multiple audio tracks playout
  • Media Grid for Online Storage





DCN Broadcast Services, ingest facilities are designed to facilitate all professional broadcast and domestic formats from SD to HD. We have the ability to encode material into any file format using the latest hardware and software. Our experienced and highly skilled Operators ensure all content is encoded in the correct format meeting our clients varied technical specifications.

The Media Management services has  well equipped Ingest rooms to perform the multi format transfer and format conversion. We handle video codec like MPEG-1, MPEG2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, Flash, DV25, DV50, DVCPro, DivX etc. We have high speed FTP upload and download facility to transfer media for clients at their convenience. A tape library along with a library management system is also available to store tapes. The off-site tape and media store is yet another facility for maximum security and protection of an invaluable media. Our clients can give the specification of Quality Control (QC) that they require for each job. If need be, we can also advise on the most appropriate QC process for the job at hand.





Being off air or loosing important media is the most dreadful thing that all broadcasters fear most, and yet the prohibitive cost of redundant broadcasting systems means that few broadcasters can afford them. To overcome this problem, DCN Broadcast Services can help broadcasters to provide a cost-effective playout/media recovery solution.

Data loss and broadcast system breakdown are becoming increasingly widespread, as more and more businesses rely on increasingly complex hardware and software technology. This is caused by today’s rapidly changing broadcast technology and increased data volumes, as well as increased data storage requirements. Hence DCN Broadcast service can offer a complete peace of mind disaster recovery solution where we can either host the clients backup devices in our premises or offer a consolidated back up system for their On Air system or Media library back up.





The Media & Entertainment industry continues to undergo deep-rooted transformations in search of a balance between emerging technologies and a rapid consumer adoption of these. Our sole purpose is to provide intelligent guidance and supporting services to the markets we serve while they search for identity in this ever-changing milieu.

DCN Broadcast services offers an array of technology consulting and related Services to various sectors within the Media & Entertainment industry. We bring to the table a good mix of ample hands-on technology experience, as well as strong business acumen.  Our expertise focuses primarily on new media technologies (i.e. DTV, HDTV, VoD, IPTV, Mobile TV,OTT, systems Integration etc.)
The DCN Broadcast Services provides project management and consulting services to broadcasters at the regional, national and international level as well as to the cable TV industry. All our existing clients have expressed their satisfaction and confidence in Engineering services and its ability to provide quality project direction and support.  DCN Broadcast Services can also provide market research, workflow analysis, and product planning & software recommendations.

  • Project management (long / short term) 
  • Detailed engineering design & architecture
  • Workflow implementation
  • Hardware & software integration & interoperability
  • Snmp based integrated monitoring & information management
  • 24x7 engineering support services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Market research/analysis
  • Subject-matter expert consultancy
  • Feasibility study
  • Emerging technology consulting
  • Inventory assessment
  • Rfi / Rfp authoring origination)
  • Technology training   & migration management





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