Dubai Future Week Kicks off on Sunday to Empower Young Talent, Innovators

October 31, 2019  

Dubai Crown Prince, Chairman of the Executive Council and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said that Dubai has become a global futuristic experience that offers talents and brightest minds from all over the world an opportunity to learn about future technology and how it can change their lives; as well as support the adoption of new and innovative notions in every sphere of life.

Sheikh Hamdan’s remark came during the launch of “Dubai Future Week”, an initiative organized by Dubai Future Foundation at Area 2071 at Emirates Tower in Dubai. 

“Dubai is a global destination that enables talents and brightest minds from different age groups, and introduces them to latest technologies and enhance their skills in exploring the future. Promoting knowledge about technology and applications of artificial intelligence are key for our directives to enable youth understanding future challenges and developing innovative ideas to overcome it,” His Highness said.

Held every day at the Emirates Towers Boulevard, between 4 pm and 9 pm, The Dubai Future Week will include a variety of fun-filled activities, through the installation of platforms for knowledge and interactive sessions related to anticipating the future in Area 2071.

The activities hosted will cover three main themes – Imagining, Designing and Executing of the Future.In addition, international movies that envision the future will be screened during the event, as well as Human Experience 2.0, a game to introduce futuristic technologies to the public such as robotics and drones among others.

The week-long event allows participants to learn about the tools of future design through a ‘Future Exhibition’ of images, shopping and the future of food, as well as through holding ‘Future Dialogues’ presented by futurists in various sectors such as education, workforce, economics and transport.


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