November 6, 2023

Abdulwahed Juma brings to the table decades of experience in branding and communication across diverse sectors. 

His diverse experiences have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of branding, marketing, communication strategies, and the telecommunications sector. Today, his solid understanding of the media industry coupled with his commercial acumen have seen him navigating complex markets and playing a pivotal role in establishing strong partnerships and driving commercial success for Dubai Media. He continuously identifies potential areas for growth and innovation for Dubai Media, enabling the organization to remain ahead of the curve. 

Abdulwahed experience spans across decades of various sectors, including technology, finance, and media. He possesses a deep understanding of the media industry, competitive strategies, market analysis, and consumer behavior. Throughout his professional journey, Abdulwahed played a pivotal role in establishing robust partnerships in multiple sectors, leveraging his expertise in commercial affairs to comprehend market intricacies and identify suitable opportunities for the organization.

Throughout his career, he has held several significant leadership positions, including Executive Vice President of Brand and Communications at a renowned telecommunications company, CCO and Executive Director of Marketing at Abu Dhabi Media Company and Head of Corporate Affairs at First Gulf Bank, Chief Commercial Officer at Arab Media Group /Dubai Media and Director of Corporate Communication and Marketing at EIT.

Abdulwahed Juma's vision for Dubai Media transcends its role as a local media entity. In his position, he strives to make a significant leap in the commercial sector. He passionately believes that prevailing competition hinges on two crucial factors: time and the ability to capture the client's attention. To accomplish this, Mr. Juma emphasizes the need for a profound understanding of the target audience, enabling the creation of a unique and tailored media experience for each client. He also recognizes the importance of responding to the shifts in the digital transformation era, harnessing innovative communication and technology to stay ahead.

Apart from his commercial endeavors, Abdulwahed places great emphasis on strengthening the relationship between Dubai Media and the community. He does this by enhancing the concept of corporate social responsibility and developing associated plans and practices, which he views as a national priority. He collaborates with various government and private entities to launch initiatives and projects that support corporate social responsibility programs.

Aiming to propel the organization to new heights in the media industry, Abdulwahed Juma’s transformative vision embraces a market culture which is set to revolutionize the commercial sector of Dubai Media. His strategic vision is to maximize profits and elevate Dubai Media’s position within the UAE’s media landscape. To this end, he is and has been fostering a robust and competitive environment in which innovation and excellence thrive and healthy competition is the key driver of success, all the while leveraging on digital transformation and prioritizing corporate social responsibility and sustainability in society. 

Abdulwahed Juma draws inspiration from H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, and shares a vision that extends beyond conventional boundaries. He believes in realizing this vision in the UAE and encourages future generations to do the same, to be patient and to embrace failure as opportunities and steppingstones towards success.


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CEO of Dubai Media

November 6, 2023
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November 20, 2023
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