Ministry of Community Development Introduces Public and Private Sectors with People of Determination Requirements

April 26, 2019  

The Ministry of Community Development organized an introductory seminar about the Cabinet’s Decision No. (43) of 2018 in support of the employment of people of determination. The seminar targeted the directors of human resources in both public and private sectors as part of the activities of the 44th Arab Deaf Week between 20-27 April.


Nasser Ismail, Assistant Undersecretary for Community Care at the Ministry of Community Development emphasized that this important seminar coincides with the theme of employing people of determination as well as the ministry’s vision and strategy to include the people of determination in work fields. Such important initiatives and events introduce the community members to the decisions, by-laws and legislations of the ministry and enhance the participation and cooperation with public and private sectors in employing the people of determination in various sectors.


The seminar was presented by Dr. Ahmed Al Omran, Chairman of the Advisory Council for People of Determination who gave a detailed explanation of the Cabinet’s Decision No. (43) of 2018 for all the human resources directors and employees at federal ministries and government entities. The decision includes all foreign entities and their branches in the UAE, charity associations and organizations, profit and non-profit clubs and associations who have one staff or more.


Al Omran then gave an explanation of people of determination as “every person who as a permanent or temporarily disability or disorder in any of his/her physical, sensory, mental, cognitive, educational or psychological capabilities to an extent that he/she cannot fulfill his/her regular needs as their peers.


He also added that the Cabinet’s decision supports the rights of people of determination and enable them gain access to employment opportunities in the labor market to ensure their rights at work, oblige all concerned parties to implement the rights of the people of determination as stipulated in the legislations and by-laws in the UAE and provide them with the necessary support they need in all different sectors and jobs.


He elaborated that the people of determination face several challenges that prevent their work at the labor market similar to their peers. According to the latest statistics, unemployment rates of people of determination is two or three times higher than the unemployment rate of other people even in industrial developed countries.


Al Omran mentioned the challenges of the people of determination at work which actually prevent them from being integrated in the labor market, these are either personal challenges related to the level of education and challenges arising from the behaviors of some community members towards the people of determination, or surrounding environment challenges related to financial barriers, challenges in public policies and policy challenges of non-inclusiveness and poor support.


He then gave some examples of some of the challenges that face the people of determination at the labor market such as selection and appointment procedures, vacancy advertisements, these challenge such as focusing on selection and appointment procedures, methods of applying for employment, interview procedures and qualification tests.


As for the challenges in the labor market, Dr. Ahmed Al Omran highlighted equal opportunities for the people of determination with their peers, work organization and flexibility, job nature for people of determination, assessment and performance of the people of determination employee, career development and education opportunities.


He reassured the importance of announcing vacant positions for all the people of determination without any discrimination towards them and giving them equal wages as their peers, giving them secure and safe working environments and at the same time facilitating their employment procedures at work according to the suitable and adequate mechanisms and methods.


“The services of people of determination must NOT be terminated or referred to retirement as a result of their disability or occurrence after their employment except when they reach the age of retirement according to the stipulated rules and regulations in the UAE and the issuance of a medical report by a concerned medical committee”, he said.




The chairman of the advisory council for people of determination revealed that the cabinet’s decision puts into consideration the encouragement of the private sector to the inclusion of people of determination at work and providing them with certain exemptions and privileges as well as smooth employment procedures that accommodate their needs and requirements.


Al Omran called for finding suitable methods of financial support to the projects of the people of determination and assist them to establish their own businesses by giving their training opportunities to smoothen their employment at the labor market.


As for the working environment, Dr. Ahmed Al Omran also encouraged all competent authorities must create a positive working environment to ensure that the people of determination practice their work in a secure manner and use their skills and experiences in an effective and convenient manner.


He concluded that those who are committed to support the work of people of determination should consider the importance of their career development and learning opportunities by giving them appropriate opportunities to achieve their ambitions, and develop their skills as their peers and necessary programs to develop their skills in a thoughtful and orderly manner.


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