Ministry of Community Development Organizes Ramadani Majlis

May 19, 2019  

The Ministry of Community Development organized a Ramadani Majlis in the attendance of Her Excellency Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, number of officials in the Ministry and decision makers of the social sector in the UAE as well as representatives of government sectors, senior emiratis, younger generations and children to highlight the pillars of family cohesion, Wadeema Law and emirati heritage.


The majlis aimed for strengthening the ministry’s vision in development work and societal partnership with government, private and non-profit organizations based on the principle of “a cohesive family and coherent community”.


Under the title “family cohesion is a life style”, the majlis participants discussed the efforts of the Ministry of Community Development in support family stability and its reflection on family cohesion and social solidarity presented by Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Undersecretary for Community Development and Dr. Mona Al Bahr, Former Member of Federal National Council and Fatema Al Rashid.


The speakers’ participations focused on the connection of developmental work with societal partnership vision based on the national family policy which actively enriches family ties and bonds and stimulates societal cohesion and coherence. It also highlighted the role of family members in creating a stable family life with sustainable development vision, all the guests assured the importance of integrated roles between family members and government entities in support of the family cohesion and society coherence concept.


The participants of the Ramadan Majlis of the Ministry of Community Development referred to “Child Rights Law-Wadeema”, family role in promoting and activating the provisions of the law based on cultural knowledge and confidence of the articles of the law and its regulations. In this regard, Afra Al Basti, Director General of Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and member of the Federal National Council and Eman Hareb, Director of Community Protection Department at the Ministry of Community Development.


As part of their participation in Ramadan Majlis, “Al Ameen” Service emphasized the role of family in dealing with social media in a safe manner, as parents play an important role in maintaining children who depend solely on technology and social media.


The major role of parents is to educate children about the importance of safe and secure usage of cyber space and how to react to negative attitudes of some users to the social media and its impact on the behavior of children.


About the emirati metacarpal heritage known as “Al Sanaie”, Abdulla Hamdan Bin Dalmook the CEO of Hamadan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, spoke about an introduction to Al Sanaie -an etiquette inherited by generations, noting the importance of fortifying generations with the traditions, cultures and values of the emirati community especially at a century where cyber space and technology are  widely spread among the younger generations, our duties force us to maintain a balanced upbringing of children depending on the basis of “Al Sanaie” and heritage values.


The majlis also displayed the products of emirati productive families supported by the Ministry through Al Sanaa initiative as well as creativity artworks of the people of determination and a flower arrangement workshop for children.


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