BBC Delegation Visits DMI

March 25, 2018  
Dubai, March 25, 2018: A media delegation from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) visited Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) to acquaintance DMI’s leading experience in engineering, technology and many other media activities, in the presence of Rashid Amiri, Deputy CEO of Channels Affairs, Saleh Lootah, Deputy CEO of Operations and Engineering, Omar Al-Zu'bi, Senior Manager of Engineering Systems of Radio and TV Sector, and a number of Directors of various departments in DMI.

BBC’s visiting delegation consists of Roger Crothers, Chief Technology Officer, BBC Wales, Mike Arnold, Chief News Editor, BBC Wales, David Mackey, Head of Operations, BBC Wales, and Mark Bezzy, Accounts Manager, BBC.

The delegation toured the studios of Dubai Media Incorporated and witnessed the latest equipment and technologies used in various sets and departments, as well as visited DMI’s News Centre. The delegation also visited the studio of the "Raie Al Shallat”, a currently in-house produced show and broadcast simultaneously on Sama Dubai TV channel and Dubai FM radio. official photos taken on this occasion, where impressed the members of the delegation expressed appreciation with the technical and creative levels reached by DMI, which is considered one of the leading media institutions with creative services in the Middle East. The delegation also discussed the possibility of benefiting from the modern technologies used in DMI in their current media project, considering many similar technical challenges in various stages of media work around the world.

Rashid Amiri, Deputy CEO of Channels Affairs of Radio and TV Sector, welcomed the visiting media delegation, pointing out that this visit comes within the framework of DMI's keenness to cooperate with various Arab and international media institutions and organizations, in order to achieve the vision of Dubai Media Incorporated, to reach highest level of leadership focuses on innovation and quality, and working in line with the strategic objectives of the government of Dubai. He stressed on the great efforts exerted by the teams in the Dubai Media Incorporated to highlight the real image of the renaissance and creativity witnessed by the United Arab Emirates in all fields.

Saleh Lootah, Deputy CEO, Technical Support, said: "Dubai Media has adopted the latest hi-tech engineering solutions in the world of visual and digital media, the up-to-date high quality of technologies; Digital File Systems, Broadcast & Transmission Units, Virtual World technologies utilized at DMI’s News Centre, application of Hologram technology and the Open News Platform, which allows the News Center team and cast to flawlessly communicate and work directly, in addition to various operations and coverage activities for events in different Emirates around the clock, according to the highest technology and engineering standards.

Lootah pointed out the role DMI’s elite of distinguished young national leaders in establishing and contributing to the success and excellence of media work in the UAE, while respecting social, cultural and social values providing a model of the UAE leadership .


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